17 photos guaranteed to make your stomach churn

So you think you've seen it all when it comes to weirdness?

In that case, be warned - this selection ranges from strange to scary to stomach churning!

Here are 17 photos that you won't be able to unsee...

1. When you use pinking shears for your manicure

© frijjid / Via reddit.com

2. What does it take to make someone want to cover their head in bugs?

© bluefoot55 / Via reddit.com

3. A butcher in the making?

© Twitter: @cursedimages

4. Sesame Street characters move into a retirement home

© Twitter: @VRRPG

5. Whilst another's moved back to his mom and dad's

© Twitter: @cursedimages

6. Because public restrooms don't have towels

© simpletonsavant / Via reddit.com

7. Would have been nicer if they'd had a pedicure first

© Halvach / Via new.vk.com

8. Nature's full of surprises... nasty ones included!

© Thinksforfun / Via reddit.com

9. Please tell us this is fake!

© Error_UserNotFound / Via reddit.com

10. We can't even look at this one

© AchinBacon / Via reddit.com

11. Not quite sure what she had in mind...

© Applesauceman / Via imgur.com

12. Fruit salad anyone?

© SeanzysThaMan / Via reddit.com

13. Because apparently it's so much more fun...

© H0b0c0p / Via pr0gramm.com

14. A Photoshopped stomach-churner

© TheNoobishIsStrongWithThisOne / Via imgur.com

15. Hand gesture translation: 'peace man' chatting to 'uh ok'

© Twitter: @cursedimages

16. Don't look at this if you've just eaten

© Prized / Via imgur.com

17. No, just no!

© hutzimbl / Via pr0gramm.com