17 photos that guarantee an adrenaline rush

An adrenaline rush is the body's response to a situation that causes stress. Commonly known as "flight or fight", it's created by a sudden production of adrenaline, accompanied by a fast heart beat and a rise in blood pressure.

It's usually something we feel when we're surprised by the unexpected, but there are plenty of thrill-seekers who love an adrenaline rush, as it makes them feel even more alive and kicking! So, if you think that your life is a bit dull and you fancy an adrenaline rush, imagine you're one of the following people!

1. Fighting the fires in California - what courage!

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2. Hopefully he has a good insurance policy

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3. Meanwhile in Canada...

© morethanwilling / reddit

3. When a kangaroo transforms into a demon

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4. Nope, it's not an alien, just a very weird fungus

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5. When you see this behind the counter

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6. A huge moth at night

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7. Close call!

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8. An unexpected visitor

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9. When it takes 3 guys to hold one fish

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10. Imagine stumbling across this in the dead of night...

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11. Just before she screamed...

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12. We can't bear to look at this!

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13. The problem with low-flying birds

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14. She looks pretty calm...

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15. Would you take this killer wave on?

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16. Run as fast as you can

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17. Ever seen someone run across water?

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