17 photos that define the word 'unexpected'

Sometimes we come across situations where we haven't a clue what happened and they are often in places where we least expect to be surprised. They leave us scratching our heads as we wonder if the people in question are eccentric or just plain dumb.

Whether they leave us feeling edgy or facepalming for the rest of the day, they usually go down as experiences we're unlikely to forget. So, in honor of all the kooky people out there, here's a selection of photos that define the word 'unexpected'...

1. When the cat's away...

© Dannnny4 / reddit  

2. Maybe they want to see if it can float?

© robtelford / twitter  

3. Why? Any ideas?

© unknown user/ imgur  

4. Yup, this has happened to us!

© unknown author / imgur  

5. Get a free toad with your salad

© aorfanos / reddit  

6. When you drop your phone as you take a selfie!

© adanaher / reddit  

7. How to instantly grow a moustache and beard

© penguinfromhappyfeet / reddit  

8. Just so long as it works!

© JokerCard / pikabu  

9. So close to victory

© happyc08 / reddit  

10. When someone doesn't understand the word 'dosage'

© FilemonSiberian / pikabu  

11. The packet says "with strawberry jam"

© Oksana Grishicheva/ vk  


12. Pooped or dropped?

© iAmWillyAmm / reddit  

13. When the flight information panel crashes

© feathersoft / reddit  

14. Too human for our liking!

© janpire / twitter  

15. A home farm...

© KTVBJoe / twitter  

16. The reverse of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"

© DennisHouseTV / twitter 

17. Patrick Star maybe?

© AarinTheShark ? / twitter