17 photos that define disrespectful customers

As the saying goes, the customer's always right, whether we're talking about bars, restaurants or grocery stores. However, this doesn't mean that patrons should be given free rein! A certain degree of respect is expected, but sadly some folks don't seem to understand the concept.

This means that workers may find themselves faced with total chaos! Store assistants, servers and managers across the world would love to get their hands on these types of customers and set the record straight... But they're often too late and have no choice but to clear up the mess their patrons have left behind!

1. Sit down and take a deep breath...

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2. Was it really too much to expect?

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3. Next time, find a trash can!

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4. And put things back as you found them...

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5. "My neighbor leaves stores with shopping carts and then dumps them!"

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6. Bad parking taken to a whole new level

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7. Naughty, but hilarious - this guy took selfies with all the display cell phones and tablets!

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8. Someone fancied a snack

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9. Apparently they didn't like the wasabi flavor!

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10. Someone doesn't like ping-pong

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11. Try before you buy?

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12. When someone leaves an armpit hair as evidence

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13. Hygiene alert!

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14. High-security cheese...

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15. When a heatwave strikes... Eew!

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16. When customers take things too literally

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17. A gentle reminder!

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