17 people who were totally confused by what lay before their eyes

We've all come across objects or sights that have left us scratching our heads... Fortunately, there is one resource that invariably comes up with an explanation: the good 'ole world wide web.

From tutorials to trivia experts, the internet is awash with advice and answers to our questions, and Reddit is just one place where people go to get the information they need. Here's a crazy selection of puzzling objects and scenarios, along with the right answer!

1. "When we were renovating our house, my grandfather forbade me to remove this object"

© CloudiaNYT / reddit

Answer: It's the Aztec calendar.

2. "Here is what we found under my floor"

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Answer: It's an access to the crawl space to check cables, plumbing and conduits.

3. "What is this strange phenomenon?"

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Answer: It's the awesome Blue Water Lagoon, near to Ywan Ngan in Myanmar.

4. "Why did they construct such an eyesore?"

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Answer: More apartments = more sales 

5. "We saw this in a New England hotel"

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Answer: It shows the way in case of a fire. Smoke rises, so first responders can see room numbers more clearly if they're at floor level. This could save your life!

6. "What are circular objects?"

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Answer: To stop skateboarders from practising their tricks at this playground.

7. "What do these sets of holes on the beach mean?"

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Answer: They're made by clam guns!

8. "In the Netherlands, people put oranges on their lawns..."

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Answer: It's to attract bees to their gardens

9. "What are these big orange and red areas?"

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Answer: Salt lakes

10. "It looks like a cell phone case, but what is it?"

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Answer: It's a reusable hand warmer.

11. "We found this tube filled with balls in a house built in the 1990s"

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Answer: It's a termite detector. If you see the green ball, you don't have a termite problem...

12. "I saw this in a forest in Germany"

© V-by-V / reddit  

Answer: It's a kind of food cellar

13. "Any idea what these clogs are used for?"

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Answer: They're metal stirrups

14. "We see these everywhere, like in this London train station..."

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Answer: They come from people rubbing coins on the bricks.

15. "What is the notch in this cup used for?

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Answer: It allows water to drain, especially useful when using a dishwasher

16. What does this elastic strip do?

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Answer: It's for when you don't lace-up your sneakers. You can fold up the strap and show off the Nike logo.

17. "I found this object when I moved into my new apartment..."

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Answer: It’s a Turkish style indoor heater