17 people who were saved by a stroke of luck

Ever heard of Lady Luck? Even if we’re responsible for creating a tricky situation, it can often be luck rather than our problem-solving skills that saves the day! And in these cases, the people in question were lucky to live to tell the tale!

Every day we hear stories of people who've had a very close call, with some believing their escape was due to divine intervention and a question of destiny, whilst others think that it was a lucky coincidence that they were saved from the clutches of death.  Here are 17 people who must have thanked their lucky stars when, for one reason or another, they came very close to being seriously injured if not worse!

1. This person's great-grandfather was shot in the chest by a German soldier during World War 1. By a stroke of luck he had coins in his breast pocket that absorbed the impact of the bullet, saving his life in the process.  It's amazing what a few cents can do in a time of need!


 2. Dangerous driving followed by spectacular and very lucky escape!


3. Always remember to wear security goggles, as this man will tell you after he was almost blinded by a flying angle grinder disk!


4. When a split-second reaction saves a boy's life


5. Anyone who lives in windy areas will understand just how dangerous falling trees can be!


6. What's amazing is that he not only manages to jump over the motorbike, but carries on talking and calmly walks away as if nothing's happened!


7. Very close call - this is why it's vital to supervise young kids at all times!

8. This girl was bitten by a shark.  Sharks often take 'taster' bites to see if their prey is fleshy or appetizing... Luckily for her, she was clearly not meant to be on that day's menu!


9. If you thought bulldozers could do damage then check out this huge boulder, which rolled down this hill but miraculously missed the house! 


10. This best man dropped his friend's wedding ring just before the big day... What are the chances of it landing on the grate itself?


11. This photographer drove through town for 20 minutes without realizing he'd left his camera on the back bumper.  Even more surprising is that it didn't fall off!


12. One trip to ER closely avoided!


13. For some reason or another, this person suddenly decided to check out this ATM only to find that scammers were at work!


14. Thankfully he looked down at the last minute


15. Saved by a ring!

This guy works in a lumber yard and his colleague accidentally dropped a pile of logs, one of which landed on his hand.  He lost all feeling in his fingers, but when they removed the log, they found that his tungsten carbide ring had absorbed the impact.  The ring snapped in two, but his finger remained intact! Replacing a ring is one thing, replacing a finger is another story!


16. This guy managed to save his son when he lost his balance, slipped and almost fell down this deadly, rocky slope!


17. This truck was caught in a mudslide, but the driver was saved from a watery grave by the road's security barrier!