17 people who thought they did a good job

Whether you’re a professional or not, you’ve probably dabbled in a few home repair projects. For example, maybe you’ve had to fix something in the bathroom, painted your entry way, or even built a patio.

And surely something that usually happens to everyone also happened to you: you overlooked or forgot about something. It’s OK when you catch it in time. Otherwise, it can be very annoying. The people below certainly had to rack their brains to solve a problem they didn’t expect to encounter...

1. When you try installing your washing machine yourself...

© Vassili / Pikabu  

2. A wonderful emergency exit – obstacle included!

© AryanRacyNotEnough / Reddit  

3. When you couldn’t decide what kind of casing to use for the bathtub, and you went with carpet…

© jbird2525 / Reddit  

4. In the dark, you might mix up the light switch with the alarm...

© realChester / Reddit  

5. Why would they choose this pattern in the bathroom?

© fluffytoast12 / Reddit  

6. This isn’t the most secret “secret room.”

© trialbytrailer / Reddit  

7. Being afraid of touching an electric wire might cause this...

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8. When you couldn’t decide between a bathtub and a shower…

© real_zexy_specialist / Reddit  

9. This might be the secret door to another room…

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10. “For a romantic hotel, we’ll pass.”

© Jack6169 / Reddit  

11. Installing the hand dryer above the radiator wasn’t the best idea...

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12. This is to deter certain people…

© Menace0 / Reddit  

13. “A staircase for kids…”

© WifideRouter / Reddit  

14. Now what’s the purpose of this plug?

© Dr_drizzle_ / Reddit  

15. At first glance, it looks like a mirror, but look again!

© daekaz / Reddit  

16. A new design concept: placing the fridge in the middle of the kitchen!

© Tannrr / Reddit  

17. Very few people can actually use this sink...

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