17 people who suffered a glitch and decided to share their misery

We're often told to make the most of a bad situation or try to laugh off something that drives us crazy, but sometimes we need to share our misery in an attempt to look on the bright side of life...

Here are 17 people who witnessed or suffered a 'glitch' and decided to share their snaps on social networks... So if you're feeling down on your luck, then rest assured you're not alone!

1. When an entire load of frozen pizzas ends up scattered all over the freeway

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2. Japan can be a dangerous place for tall people!

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3. When the handle's loose and dinner ends up on the floor

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4. And they were so pleased to have found parking spaces right in front of the restaurant

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5. Oops, local residents can kiss goodbye to their internet connection for a while

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6. When you suddenly realize why the lamp's not working

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7. The price you pay for trying to squeeze between lanes...

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8. Never underestimate the power of the sea

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9. Whoever installed this needs to think about a career change

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10. When you order an expensive moisturizer, but it explodes during transit

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11. When the high tide comes in a lot quicker than expected

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12. Always look before you leap!

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13. The joys of Russian winters

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14. When you try to dislodge a basketball by throwing in another one.  And another after that...

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15. Uh oh!

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16. How?

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17. Tomato soup fail

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