17 people who snapped and shared an unfortunate event

We all know the saying "tomorrow's another day” and when things go wrong it helps to console us. The problem with life's little glitches is that there's often nothing we can due except to resign ourselves and deal with the aftermath.

We tell ourselves that things could be worse and just get on with it. Some people quietly take things in their stride while others use humor and are happy to snap and share their misfortune...

1. When you're looking forward to eating your homemade pizza

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2. This guy called in professionals to clean this path

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3. In other words, everything could cost a lot more

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4. When a soap dispenser misfires

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5. There's a certain time of day when you won't want to be working at this desk

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6. When you still have to dry crockery despite have a dishwasher

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7. How to dupe the customer

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8. Every knows you shouldn't store your phone here

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9. They never break in the right place...

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10. Should have kept it in her pocket

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11. Another packaging scam

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12. It looked like there was enough for 5 people...

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13. You can't understand why it's taking too long to cook and then see this

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14. Shower on your way to work

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15. Yep, this drives us crazy too!

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16. Happy Birthday...

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17. So it'll be dry cereal for breakfast...

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