17 people who live life on their own terms

Some people have their own way of doing things. They sometimes use strange methods, make disturbing (and sometimes intriguing) choices. These people don’t see the world in the same way most of us do. They seem to be quite different.

Unless they don’t care about what's going on around them. And so they think this difference is normal. Whatever the case may be, the following people are definitely anything but ordinary.

1. What? Is there something wrong with how the air conditioner was installed? We don’t see anything wrong here...

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2. When some people don’t quite get new technology...

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3. No one will ever find the housekey hidden here...

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4. When you have money but don’t act like it…

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5. This is the only place where the water’s clear, right?

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6. So you think the sand won’t blow away? That’s strange...

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7. When you need to replace the volume knob...

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8. Is he training for the next Olympics?

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9. When they serve you cheese and dessert at the same time…

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10. True, not everyone understands technology... this poor screen!

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11. When your boss has just left the office…

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12. This cat wanted to eat, and he fell asleep next to the food.

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13. This covers up the hole, for sure!

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14. Is this really the best place to put the glue?

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15. When you’re selling an animal pen, and you call it a patio set…

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16. Do you think it will hold for the whole trip?

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17. This guy doesn’t have a balcony, so he decided to eat his dinner on the bridge!

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