17 people who know what disappointment is

Disappointment lowers morale and makes people feel lots of different feelings, such as frustration and sadness... Experiencing disappointment can be humiliating, and it can be a blow to one’s pride.

Some disappointments are easier to accept than others. We can look back at them and laugh. That’s what the people below chose to do. They still had to go on with their lives, without taking themselves to seriously.

1. Is the artist serious about charging $40?

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2. He didn’t take the car for a test drive before buying it…

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3. And here’s the new master cake-maker!

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4. He could also compete with the best in that category...

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5. This muffin looked good in the window...but there are absolutely zero blueberries inside!

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6. Putting all your energy, just to have to undo everything because you forgot about the door…

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7. I dropped a Lego house down the stairs. I built it 10 years ago...

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8. A steak and cheese wrap – 80% tortilla and 20% meat.

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9. This is how it looked in pictures, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate!

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10. Ahhh...the joys of being tall.

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11. Normally, there would be tuna in a “tuna roll.”

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12. When you buy tickets for a seat, and there’s no seat!

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13. Happy birthday to me. At least I have a cake and some candles.

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14. Should I recommend this tattoo artist or not?

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15. When this is the first thing that happens during your day, you need to go back to bed.

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16. “My neighbor parked his car in the wrong place and got punished.”

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17. “I asked my husband to take a picture of us…”

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