17 people who have their own definition of gourmet food!

Food is the very foundation of health. It's what makes – and keeps – us in good shape. Food plays an important role in our quality of life, and our eating habits, often acquired during our childhood, allow us to age more or less well.

Some people love trying out new unusual recipes, even if to the rest of us they look disgusting! That said, until you've tasted it, how can you judge someone's culinary skills? What about the following? How would you feel if someone served you these dishes?

1. The latest tic-tacs... with olives

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2. A very expensive caviar hotdog

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3. Popcorn with ketchup

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4. When your husband loves eating raw eggs

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5. Not everyone likes the crust!

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6. Because they wanted to liven up their ravioli...

7. A jigswaw puzzle sandwich

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8. Cheetos and milk???

9. Chips, bread, beans...

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10. When they prefer peanut butter to cheese

11. Add some crunch to a curry sauce

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12. Fish fingers dipped in... Custard!

13. Cereal with added oats

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14. Hotdog with jelly!

15. Very spicy mango juice

16. Salad and jelly anyone?

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17. Or maybe you prefer eggs and jelly?