17 people who have no shame

Most people don’t stray far from the beaten path – for fear of being looked at strangely or getting pointed at, or even feeling ashamed. Despite this, there are still some people around the world who feel no shame at all.

They don’t care what other people think, or if others look at them strangely. They live by their own rules and laws. They only care about themselves, without dwelling on what others might think. Look at these people below. Would you be able to do any of these things?

1. Still wet? No big deal, I have an urgent appointment!

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2. Sit back and relax! Don’t count on him to give you any space…

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3. As long as there’s a ledge, it’s ok to have a seat, right?

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4. When you're a fan of Barbie all the way!

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5. Don’t bother asking her to stop, because you’d be the bad guy here…

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6. And just imagine if the person didn’t smell very good...

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7. Don’t be afraid to try things in life!

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8. Very elegant and especially repulsive

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9. In other words, they don’t want anyone to sit next to them.

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10. Always make sure the package is full while you’re still at the store!

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11. Sir, you’re not the only one waiting for the plane!

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12. You wanted a cat, for better or for worse!

13. Who needs beautiful flowers anyway?

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14. When you have a little too much money and feel like wasting it

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15. What you get, compared to what the package shows

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16. Some people!

17. No respect for others

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