17 people who gave 110% at their job

Some people like to give more than what’s asked of them at their jobs – and everywhere else. Whether they do it through passion or for pleasure, the little extra things they do make all the difference.

This compilation of photos shows people who go the extra mile at work, and some who even do it with a touch of humor. They all get our votes!

1. This cruise ship has its own way of welcoming guests.

© OyeSimpson / Reddit  

2. When a student forgets to return a book to the library, the librarian disguises herself as the “book reaper.”

© MechEMatriarch / Imgur  

3. These brave paramedics finished making dinner for the kids after they took their mother to the hospital. They even stayed and did the dishes.

© amici_ursi / Reddit  

4. Some supermarket workers are more meticulous than others.

© WookieGoldberg / Imgur  

5. Now here’s someone who knows how to manage cables.

© Wesdogg227 / Imgur  

6. What better way is there to serve French onion soup if not in an actual onion?

© Idkloll / Reddit  

7. For Christmas, this math teacher knows how to get his students in the spirit.

© mukilane / Imgur  

8. This motel serves breakfast just like at home.

© nickykeeng / Reddit  

9. This produce section is kept very nice.

© vladrichdemaclant / Imgur  

10. Some fast food workers take their hygiene very seriously.

© billybobjoe4000 / Reddit  

11. The overnight workers must have had a lot of downtime last night.

© 1_stormageddon_1 / Reddit  

12. This dog sitter does his job well and he wanted to prove it…

© JamsAndJellies / Reddit  

13. This is what the intern in a research laboratory does when he has free time.

© smashbrowns / Reddit  

14. This server knew exactly what to do after her customer spilled his drink.

© sirbrightside / Imgur  

15. Some rail workers built a tunnel for turtles so they could get home safely.

© OGSOURAV / Reddit  

16. This teacher rescues animals and still gets to class on time.


© Unknown / Reddit  

17. One customer asked this hotel to put a picture of Nicholas Cage on his pillow... The employees went all out.

© hlfempty69 / Imgur  

© hlfempty69 / Imgur  

© hlfempty69 / Imgur  

© hlfempty69 / Imgur