17 people who didn't quite do things as they should!

Nobody's perfect and we all have moments when we mess things up... And then along comes someone who is totally incompetent when it comes to completing a simple task!

Their mistakes may just be because they hate their job or are in a rush, but it's usually others who suffer the consequences of their poor workmanship.  Sometimes these fails make us fall about laughing, but not when we've spent our hard earned money on a sub-standard product or find ourselves in a life-threatening situation!

Here's a selection of 17 situations where someone didn't quite to do something as they should... 

1. It's not the hardest of signs to replicate!

2. When a fish is more intelligent than the fishermen

3. Has this sculptor never heard of baseball?

4. Maybe there's a logical reason?

5. A tasty veggie burger...

6. Someone had too many beers over lunch

7. When a 'Good Humor' ice cream puts you in a bad mood!

8. A few inches short...

9. Ouch... And we hope her sneakers are clean!

10. We bet the NatWest's marketing department will have something to say about this!

11. If you have OCD, look away now!

12. Why place your cup on a table when your head will do?

13. No doubt it's all nature's fault

14. We hope they've kept their insurance up to date

15. Even a 6 year-old could do better than this!

16. And it's pouring with rain...

17. Do you think she realizes this photo has gone viral?