17 people who are just bored at work

Work is sacred. With some people, having fun at work is sacred. They have nothing to do or anything else to think about. They aren’t weighed down with a ton of files and papers, so they have the opportunity to indulge in their favorite hobby: playing pranks.

These pranks are usually taken in humor. But they demand time, patience, and perseverance. In short, qualities that a boss looks for. Except when these qualities aren’t used toward work. Check out the photos below.

1. It will be difficult to go unnoticed…

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2. When you want to be one with nature at work.

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3. You can summarize the evacuation plan in this one simple word:

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4. This must be the company IT manager’s chair.

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5. There seems to be a big “leek” under the water heater…

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6. Someone has a creative eye!

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7. So you know when someone goes to the bathroom – and to prevent them from staying there.

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8. When you want to prevent your colleague from doing any work…

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9. We had a little memorial for this guy.

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10. When your manager thinks of you before your wedding…

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11. He spent a whole week drawing this on the board…

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12. Is it Halloween at this office?

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13. A nice afternoon at work, just before going on vacation.

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14. When you accumulate hair at work, and you have an imagination…

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15. Ideal for when you need to run some errands…

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16. A simple question of saving some space

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17. When you finish carving this pencil, the day is over!

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