17 people with interesting unique physical qualities

Every human is unique. We all have our own genetic code, a past that’s unique to us, and our own origins. No one is just like anyone else. We can even see differences in identical twins.

Some people are even more incredible thanks to a noteworthy and remarkable difference. They have something peculiar about them. Below, you’ll find some astonishing examples of uniqueness. But beware, your mind will be blown!

1. Nature is always surprising us…

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2. Some people have an incredible gift of flexibility.

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3. Her freckles add to her charm.

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4. Have you ever seen anyone with one blue eye and one brown eye?

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5. This little boy was born with 6 toes.

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6. Kanya Sesser was born without legs, but that never stopped her from living life to the fullest.

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7. This guy has a not-so-big big toe.

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8. Here’s a girl with a bionic arm.

© thegizmocrazed / Instagram 

9. Some people are born with a tiny hole next to their ear.

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10. Sophia Hadjipanteli dyed her eyebrows black to highlight her unique appearance.

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11. She is missing her pinky...

© Scaulbylausis / Reddit  

12. Dru Presta, a 3’4” model who inspires people around the world

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13. This woman is covered with moles.

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14. A curious anomaly of the pupil

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15. The inhabitants of the Solomon Islands are dark-skinned, and some of them have blond hair developed by a “homegrown” gene.

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16. This may be the strangest human eye out there…

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17. Just try to do this with your fingers...

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