17 original gifts that are perfect for couples

Wedding lists, anniversary presents, housewarming gifts... It's never easy trying to decide what to give to couples to help them celebrate a special moment in their lives.  Which is why we've decided to come to your rescue!

Here are 17 original gift ideas designed for couples, whether you're looking for something practical, high-tech, luxurious or just plain funny!

1. A smart duvet

© bedjet  

One's too hot, the other's freezing... A common complaint when it comes to sharing a bed with your loved one. To ensure both of you get a good night's sleep Bedjet have come up with a patented temperature control system that lets you heat up or cool down either side of the bed!

2. The Ying-Yang bathtub

© thisiswhyimbroke  

It may come with a hefty price tag, but the comfortably shaped Ying-Yang bathtub is great if you want to share a bath without feeling squished. The added plus is that you both get to enjoy the right water temperature without one of you needing to turn the hot/cold faucet on and off! 

3. The HugShirt

© cutecircut  

If your partner's away and you're feeling a bit lonely, then invest in a HugShirt! Using Bluetooth technology, hugs are sent to the shirt, which has built-in sensors that replicate the warm, fuzzy feeling of a good cuddle!

4. A rocking chair for couples 

© ohgizmo  

Rocking chairs are soothing and they're even better when you can rock with your other half! Enjoy a quiet moment in a comfy, stylish rocking chair!

5. Twin toilet

For couples that can't bear to be apart...

6. Beauty and the Beast rose dome

© etsy  

Nothing expresses love more than a rose. This romantic, decorative ornament will remind any couple of the never-ending love they have for each other.

7. Fundies

© unknown/imgur  

Get up close and personal with underwear built for two!

8. A silent alarm clock

© fandimeng  

The award-winning 'Ring' is a vibrating alarm clock that fits on your finger. Let your partner enjoy their beauty sleep if you have an early wake-up call and don't want a shrill alarm piercing the air!

9. Enjoy a bit of intimacy

© veasyble  

Don't like PDA's? Want to tell your partner something in secret? Then this bag will give you all the privacy you need!

10. A very big sweatshirt!

© anlyin/imgur  

Get cozy with your partner in this oversized sweatshirt designed for two!

11. Give your partner a virtual kiss

© kissinger  

Kissenger's special app means you can pucker up for a kiss with your loved one, no matter where they are!

12. An umbrella for two

© cargocollective  

Sharing an umbrella doesn't really work - one of you always ends up soaked. Kiss goodbye to soggy clothes with an umbrella designed to keep you both warm and dry!

13. Hear your partner's soothing heartbeat

© littleriot  

Little Riot has come up with Pillow Talk - a pillow that lets you hear your partner's heartbeat even if you're miles apart! 

14. Double gloves

© etsy  

Hold hands on a cold day with a pair of gloves designed to keep your mitts warm and cozy!

15. Toilet seat lifter

© amazon  

A solution to a mundane but very common problem... Toilet seat up for men and down for women with a simple press on a lever!

16. Comfy cuddles

© cuddle-mattress  

The Cuddle Mattress means you can cuddle up together without getting pins and needles in your arms or waking up to a stiff neck! 

17. Cheers!

© gettingpersonal  

If you love a glass or two of wine then invest in these glasses! A fun gift idea that will add a touch of romance to any evening!

So there you go... A selection of original gift ideas designed for all budgets and guaranteed to please the couples in your life!