17 office pranks that livened up a boring day

Are you an office worker tired of being glued to your desk? Are your co-workers fun? Do you share an office with a joker? Maybe not... Whatever your colleagues are like, working in an office means we have to deal with a range of personalities! And sometimes it's not that easy.

Some co-workers are messy, others steal from the fridge, and some are rude... But what we can all count on is the pranksters who know how to liven up a dreary day and put their creative skills to the test. So, if you need to inject a bit of fun in your work day, why not try one of the following hilarious ideas?

1. They eventually called 911

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2. The Post-It King

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3. Never leave your office ID on your desk

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4. Fancy a burger?

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5. Multi-storey office space

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6. A not-so-subtle hint

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7. Just don't do this to anyone who has heart problems!

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8. It took him all night to do this!

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9. Better than doodling

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10. A pre-wedding present

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11. If you arrive for the meeting before the others

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12. Do you work in construction?

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13. When a hairdresser has fun

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14. When plastic plates become a work of art

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15. Someone likes Tetris

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16. But can he sing?

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17. When your vacation is only a week away...

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