17 normal everyday items that take it up a notch

Every day, we use ordinary objects without realizing how great they can be. And yet, people will stop at nothing to come up with new ways to use them. Check out these objects that are an integral part of our daily lives.

So there are people who like to slightly modify these normal items making them unique. They transform traditional objects into something extraordinary, the ordinary into a masterpiece. Take a look below.

1. These pine cones change the color of the flames when you throw them into the fire!

© mzpes / Reddit   © Amazon  

2. His jacket is anything but ordinary – it has a built-in fan!

© uzi1102 / Reddit  

3. Plastic bags that look like rabbits!

© TateHarpy / Twitter  

4. A ladle that can do anything and is indestructible, because it’s stainless steel!

© casualsax / Reddit  

5. An appliance that does it all!

© bernecady / Reddit  

6. Quite an optical illusion, because it's just the wrapper!

© annypooh / Twitter  

7. This is for young couples who are just getting to know each other!

© unknown user/ imgur  

8. So you don’t get ketchup all over your fingers!

© EnXigma / Reddit  

9. This fountain displays the time!

© taberlasche / Reddit  

10. To make everyone happy!

© my_mexican_cousin / Reddit  

11. A hot tub from another time!

© weltevree.eu  

12. Rental cars in Ireland have a sticker to remind you which side of the road to drive on!

© lambokid / Reddit  

13. Each one is different!

© andrew_sds / Reddit  

14. This tag can be buried to grow plants…

© trytoholdon / Reddit  

15. This packaging tells you what steps you need to use the screws and bolts on!

© DandyVomitExcreter / Reddit  

16. A very modern item – half bathtub, half hammock!

© splinterworks.co.uk  

17. So you can sleep and make other people think you’re awake!

© Rijksmuseum