17 mornings that announced the start to a complicated day

Getting up in the morning is often a grind. And some mornings are way harder than others, especially when one glitch leads to another.

Your day has got off to a bad start and you're worried that it'll all go downhill from there... If it's any consolation, you're not alone as these snaps prove! Spare a thought for these guys!

1. When a bat sets up home in your shoe

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2. When you're so tired, you miss the coffee machine

3. A deliberate attempt at cake decoration?

4. The perils of paper bags

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5. Next time, plug it in!

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6. One reason to drink straight from the carton

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7. When your cat leaves you a morning gift

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8. No smoothie today!

9. Any idea what this was supposed to be?

10. It looked so easy on the YouTube video...

11. Clean it up now, or leave it 'til you get back from work?

12. When a microwave explosion leaves your cup glued to the top

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13. Wrong burner...

14. Bye bye tasty dinner

15. So how's your day going?

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16. A prank to make you late for work

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17. Food blog vs reality

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