17 hilarious fashion fails that'll have you in stitches

Sometimes we ask ourselves what makes people choose certain outfits... It only needs a weird cut, color or pattern to transform a 'fashion statement' into an epic fail or, even worse, make it go viral, much to the amusement of surfers around world.

Here are 17 hilarious fashion fails that make us wonder what both the designer and the wearing were thinking...

1. How could anyone possibly think this looks cool?

© @AnnieStevenson4 / twitter  

2. A groping push-up bra?

© derptato / imgur  

3. When Mickey sticks his head up your ***

© nigger13 / imgur  

4. Really bad choice of motif...

5. Quite possibly the worst slippers in history

© TrentWatts / reddit  

6. When your shoes perfectly match your grandma's carpet

© victoriousship / reddit  

7. If you look closely, you'll see some reindeer getting up to 'mischief'

© buffywho / imgur  

8. When ripped jeans become borderline exhibitionism

© VladikaZhabyat / pikabu  

9. We've tried our hardest, but we can't think of single reason why a designer would come up with this idea

© ElhnsBeluj / reddit  

10. Five finger shoes may be all the rage, but they're still really ugly!

11. A bikini that looks like a Minion on acid

© fine_drizzle / reddit  

12. For anyone who likes extremely puffy sleeves and really high turn-ups.  A pirate, perhaps?

© Ooooooh / pikabu  

13. A vent that looks like it's been stolen from a bathroom

© proteles / pikabu  

14. For those days when you want to put on your werewolf hands

© Lavando / pikabu  

15. In case you ever wondered what happens to recycled jeans

© Esmys / pikabu  

16. Nice pecs, shame about the T-shirt and trousers... Unless, of course, you want 'easy access'

© NSFW_PORN_ONLY / reddit  

17. Don't put on ill-fitting shoes unless you want your foot to look like a car

© stayfullish / imgur