17 genius ideas straight out of the future

Genius ideas don't always mean creating an awesome invention - often it's a question of lateral thinking and coming up with an original or wacky idea.

For example, have you ever tried playing Beer-Pong in a pool? You'd be forgiven for thinking it's impossible and yet some guys had this brilliant idea. So, if you're looking for cool, new ideas, then read on... Even if you don't try them out, you'll love this selection!

1. A toaster, a slice of bread and a hotdog

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2. Beer-pong!

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3. When a make-up mirror works just as well

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4. Hilarious!

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5. Because carving pumpkins is a real bore...

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6. How to avoid sticky fingers

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7. Fake huskies on a training run

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8. We love this storage idea

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9. When you can't be bothered to draw...

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10. Mini ice hockey!

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11. Some people just don't get it

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12. When hotel staff get creative

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13. DIY activity board

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14. Maybe he really can walk on water?

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15. Use a French bread stick to measure your baby

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16. Telling it like it is.

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17. We wish we'd seen this years' ago!

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