17 everyday objects redesigned

You use the same objects every day. Does this get old? Probably not, because you never thought about redesigning them yourself. You’ve never considered modifying them to the point of making them true works of art.

Yet this is what we expect of the designers who spend their lives looking for the best ways to save time and make our lives easier. We end up with surprising results and objects... which you’ll have to have now!

1. A sink for kids? No, it’s for your feet!

© trendir  

2. If your phone’s battery is dead, shopping carts in Israel have chargers!

© Ar4ik / Pikabu  

3. This sign lets you know how full each car is.

© Aquilaro / Reddit  

4. These innovative toilets are showing up all over the world!

© Flupsy / Reddit  

5. A faster way down the stairs

© mugentsu / Imgur  

6. This indicator lets you know how close the elevator is to capacity. If the head gets full, start worrying!

© SonOfWAY / Reddit  

7. This packet dispenses mustard and ketchup at the same time!

© mrbenjihao / Reddit  

8. A better way to read a book!

© sdwood / Reddit 

9. Have angles always been your enemy?

© pool94 / Reddit  

10. This bench gives you access to Wi-Fi and an electrical outlet...

© kaketosdelano / Pikabu  

11. So everyone can see what time it is…

© grano1a / Reddit  

12. A webcam that you open whenever you want!

© SonOfWAY / Reddit  

13. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re between the lines!

© SonOfWAY / Reddit  

14. You can change the volume of the beeper!

© Tm00k / Reddit  

15. Your soap won’t fall in the sink anymore!

© CertifiedPizzatarian / Reddit  

16. So each student can find their work when they print it…

© p50cal / Reddit  

17. One sink, 3 functions: soap dispenser, faucet, and dryer!

© thefrozenfoodsection / Reddit