17 disturbing sights caught on camera

Have you ever gone to view an apartment only to find that the bathroom is also the kitchen? Or gone to check out a second-hand car only to discover that the owner also used it as an ashtray?

There's no explaining the reason why people do certain things - sometimes it may be to make a valid point or shock the world, other times it could all boil down to laziness or poor judgement... Whatever the reason, we've put together a selection of snaps that range from weird to really disturbing... Which one churns your stomach the most?

1. This Berlin statue is called 'Politicians discussing global warming'.  Disturbingly poignant...

© dareeza / Reddit  

2. Poor hygiene and bad smells guaranteed

© Cyanidesuicideml / Reddit

3. Someone is having a VERY bad day

© shantmeg / Imgur 

4. One very scary Halloween costume

© TheSturgeonExpress / Reddit  

5. Stinky car!

© Skypl0x / Reddit 

6. Time to change brands

© 2SP00KY4ME / Reddit  

7. Ever got close up to a sloth?  Check out those claws!

© deegsenay3000 / Imgur  

8. Time to fire the architect!

© CesallNorion / Reddit  

9. Don't panic, it's not real!

© westondeboer / Reddit  

10. An eerie merchandising fail

© boloo0 / Reddit  

11. "Nice to meet you..."

© GeneReddit123 / Reddit  

12. They may be just drawings, but still...

© nobananasenelcielo / Reddit  

13. When bugs invade the loft insulation

© accountvergeten / Reddit  

14. Dinner time!

© GogoplataBRO / Reddit  

15. A washer that also dries?

© jaytix1 / Reddit  

16. Just a snake hanging out in a clothes store!

© TheKingBobE / Reddit  

17. This is as bad as the bathroom meets kitchen idea!

© TheInBredDragon / Reddit