17 dads who went that extra mile to please their kids

Who said moms do more for their kids than dads? It's often said that moms spend more time looking after their kids, which is a bit unfair to all the loving dads in this world!

Paternal instincts are just as strong, so we've put together a selection of photos that prove how far dads will go to keep their kids happy, make sure they're well looked after and, most of all, to show their unconditional love towards their little ones!

1. His daughter wanted a cat-themed cake for her birthday... This is her dad's first attempt and we think he got all the elements right!

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2. It's not easy being a single dad, and this guy deserves a medal!

© blatzphemy / Reddit  

3. When your dad makes you a special bed

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4. So that his kids will still believe in Santa Claus

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5. Little by little this single dad learnt the art of braiding hair!

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6. And this dad managed to turn it into an art form!

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7. If you're a dad to little girls, learning how to apply nail varnish is essential!

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8. And let them give you a pedicure too!

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9. One thing this single dad loves is seeing how his son is becoming more and more like him

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10. Dad/daughter make-up session

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11. This dad's first Halloween with his kids

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12. When your dad makes blueberry pancakes for breakfast

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13. His team won the local Super Bowl, so he asked his dad to take him fishing as a reward

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14. He shaved his leg so he could teach his daughter how to do it

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15. When your daughter loves all things Disney

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16. He baked a Spiderman cake!

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17. When the Tooth Fairy comes by and even leaves little footprints

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