17 crazy photos that are doing the rounds on social media

Sometimes it's hard to believe what's before our eyes. Our minds aren't playing tricks on us, but we're still totally lost for words. We do a double take, realize that it's not an optical illusion and, if possible, whip out our smartphone to immortalize the moment!

This is exactly what the following people did, with hilarious results that immediately took the internet by storm. From funny to disturbing, these prove that some people have no shame, while others are self-assured enough to not care if they appear weird... Whatever the situation, these deserve a place in “crazy history”!

1. Man boobs

© peopleofwalmart.com  

2. They were sure it would meet in the middle

© reddit/ unknown user  

3. We wonder if the lights work...

© imgur/ Malvorlagen  

4. Worthy of a horror movie

© JustANutMeg/reddit  

5. Recyling's great, but we're not convinced by this

© KBGamesMJ/reddit  

6. Colorful claws!

© K1nsey6/reddit  

7. Because retro is cool?

© bubba_ur_cellmate/reddit  

8. A pickup meets limo

© WYLD_STALLYNS/reddit  

9. Great... Smelly feet on a long-haul flight

© whatsasnozberry/reddit  

10. TBH, we love his self-confidence!

© briankaufmann1958/reddit  

11. Why buy a glasses case when an old kitchen roll will do?

© s4ndp4p3rm4n/reddit  

12. Someone has never watched The Simpsons

© Horsespit/reddit  

13. The latest trend?

© fvrris/reddit  

14. An avocado car

© jaykirsch/reddit  

15. Easy access?

© Pirate_Redbeard/reddit  

16. Nooooo! How could they?

© Hypnoticbrick/reddit  

17. Alternative door handle

© Stormbox/pikabu