17 characters and creatures seen on the subway

Encounters on the subway are sometimes so crazy that you might think you’re taking part in a parade or a festival.

When people who don’t have a car go to a costume party, they take the subway. That’s when passengers get the opportunity to travel with all kinds of fantastic characters and creatures. Creatures who bought their subway tickets and are probably busy with a book or their phone, just like regular people.

Here are 17 photos of the best people to meet on public transport.

1. The other passengers don’t seem to notice anything strange and go about their business as normal.

© mollytaft / Twitter  

2. Dress styles can sometimes be confusing.

© choonimal / reddit  

3. Hybrid creatures have phones, too.

© damienslash / reddit  

4. Maybe he's trying to breathe cleaner air while living in the city?

© SubwayCreatures / Instagram  

5. This guy isn’t dressed up, but he has a very interesting friend...

© BookerDeWittsCarbine 2 / reddit  

6. She thinks about work too much.

© kunstcameraman / reddit  

7. The Beast is waiting for his Beauty.

© sweet_brag / reddit  

8. Is this the famous actor Peter Dinklage or just a lookalike?

© NedYost / reddit  

9. The subway doors open and bring their dose of clutter and chaos.

© SubwayCreatures / Instagram  

10. Is anyone missing?

© dcoreys / reddit  

11. A wool alien is among us.

© humansofnylol / Instagram  

12. Ghostly creatures come out at night.

© unknown / imgur  

13. One individual has made considerable effort…

© redditmason / reddit  

14. For people who get cold easily…

© unknown / imgur  

15. Cover yourself in aluminum foil and shut out the world.

© Ryan / Instagram  

16. No, this isn’t Johnny Depp.

© x3knet / reddit  

17. A mascot on his way to work

© unknown / imgur