17 before and after cleaning photos that will soothe your inner perfectionist

Finding the motivation to do housework can be hard, but once we start it can be deeply satisfying.

A lot of us procrastinate when it comes to cleaning our homes or objects that have gathered dust and grime, but as any lifestyle guru will tell us, disorder can also clutter up our minds! So, if you feel you need some motivation to pick up a duster or get out the hoover, check out this selection of 17 before and after cleaning photos!

1. This bedroom has to belong to a teenager!

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2. This started off as a health hazard

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3. You can see your reflection in it!

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4. A more welcoming entrance

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5. Before and after a big family meal?

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6. A once-a-year job

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7. Now they can show off their trophy

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8. Who would think this paving was so pretty?

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9. Getting rid of dirty finger prints

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10. As good as new

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11. From cramped to spacious

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12. The first time they washed it in 2 years!

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13. Showing its true colors!

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14. Sparkly white

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15. The pleasure of having a clean oven

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16. Anyone who has a dressing table will understand this!


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17. They can finally see the floor!

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