16 strange objects found by internet users that few people know the purpose of

There are pros and cons about searching the internet. You can “take it or leave it” when surfing the web. However, no one will ever say the opposite: you can get instant answers to almost every question you’ve ever wondered about.

It only takes a few seconds to learn more about life – about whatever you want to learn. All you have to do is take out your laptop, open it, and strike gold. Just like the people who wanted to know more about the items below.

1. This clock in an assisted living center has 3 colors to show caregivers how to turn the patient, a clever way to prevent bedsores.

© SuperFlyStuka / Reddit 

2. This is a sort of gambling machine from Japan called a Pachinko machine. It’s a mix between a slot machine and a pinball machine.

© DudleyStokes / Reddit 

3. These metal discs on stairs keep skaters from grinding on the edges!

© JjzMerheb / Reddit 

4. This is a one-man bomb shelter from WWII in a forest.

© me_using_reddit / Reddit 

5. What could this be? Interestingly enough, it’s a violin case!

© flyin_dragon / Reddit 

6. This building without walls is actually a nesting barn for swallows.

© GoodShark / Reddit 

7. This is a clip-on shoe light for people who run at night.


8. This brush prevents your handbag, shoes, or dress from getting snagged in the tiny gap next to it.

© kristhecadet / Reddit 

9. This object was used to knit socks a long time ago!

© SueRenni / Reddit 

10. These are squid eggs on the beach.

© Fishtails / Reddit 

11. This is a “rain chain,” an alternative to the classic downspout of a gutter.

© FilthySef / Reddit 

12. These are pliers that were used to cut sugar, because sugar came in big cones years ago.

© TYLEN0Ljones / Reddit 

13. This interesting sink is made especially for vomiting!

© jingjangjones / Reddit 

14. Here’s a portable men’s urinal for people who are bedridden.

© home_cheese / Reddit 

15. This is an antique needle case.

© Reeeeeeeeses / Reddit 

16. This device is worn over shoes to give traction when walking on ice!

© Merciman / Reddit