16 simple life hacks that everyone should try


Who doesn't love a good tip that makes everyday life easier? Here's a useful selection that you might want to try!

Clever minds know how to find solutions to everyday problems. Using items they have in their homes, these creative geniuses are happy to snap and share their latest life hacks, and here are 18 ideas guaranteed to make things run more smoothly.

1. Use flooring samples as coasters

© pabut / Reddit

2. So you never have to dip your hand in

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3. How to keep your trash bag in place

© Knoppixx / Reddit

4. Just turn it upside down and use the lid as a platter if you want to store a cake

© byebyebyecycle / Reddit

5. For anyone who bulk-buys noodles

© iwasinfiniteonce / Reddit

6. So you don't need to eat all your banana

7. Cool down toast without one side getting soggy

© Hatzi98 / Reddit

8. So you don't have to put your purse on the floor in public restrooms

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9. Handy storage idea for small kitchens

© finnreds / Reddit

10. Now you carry all your shopping

© astroworlddd / Reddit

11. Shoe racks make great bottle racks

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12. How did we not know this?

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13. If you're traveling, store toiletries in ziplock bags in case any leak!

© tanwhiteguy / Reddit

14. Use a cheese slice on cold butter

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15. This is how you can wear headphones and rest your head!

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16. So now you can cook several at once!

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