16 products that stand out thanks to clever packaging

Packaging can make all the difference between a success and a fail, and a good sense of humor goes a long way when it comes to attracting customers.

For a product to be good, it obviously has to be of a high quality, but when we select an item, it's often the packaging that grabs our attention.

Just check out these clever and fun examples and ask yourself if you could resist.

Here's our selection of 16 cool packaging designs.

1. Too cute to resist

© Depot Branding Agency / depotwpf.com

2. When you can see what it is in a glance

© haveawaffleday / Reddit

3. Know your knives!

© spritechungus / Reddit

4. So that you know exactly which coffee to buy

© Thine_Sloth / Reddit

5. Work out with your water bottle!

© corruptdata47 / Reddit

6. The art of packing groceries

© Sugalips2000 / Reddit

7. When 3 flavors form mount Fuji

© GothamGuardian12 / Reddit

8. One way to make your kids love their morning cereal

© sugarcream5w30 / Reddit

9. You never have to guess how many glasses are left

© Reizo123 / Reddit

10. A little lesson about poultry farms

© xenomorphgirl / Reddit

11. Because the truth matters

© nocloudno / Reddit

12. Sold as a pack of 8 and packaged so you can see them from every angle

© TheTrueEli / Reddit

13. An all-in-one solution

© ShakeYouLikeHaiti / Reddit

14. Funny and practical!

© The_corner_of_dorner / Reddit

15. The perfect snack to take on hikes, complete with a little compass

© clevermine2tine / Reddit

16. Cool cap!

© Aus1930 / Reddit