16 pictures of things that didn’t go as planned

It’s a fact. Nothing happens the way we expect it to. Well, maybe not always. You may be the best when it comes to organization, and it’s possible that some things happen beyond your control.

How will you react? That may be hard to predict, because you never thought it could happen to you. This is what we mean by an unwelcome surprise. So, what reaction would you have if you experienced what happened in these photos?

1. “Why are you looking at me like that? I will attack you, you better watch out!”

© avess / Twitter  

2. Let's hope she doesn’t have 46 boyfriends in her life...

© thenewgodofwar / Imgur  

3. Brave but not stupid – he went back to his car after seeing this!

© OT-Rex / Reddit  

4. Almost nailed it, but brownies are supposed to have the chocolate squares inside the dough!

© Faradei / Reddit  

5. This is a little like when the gas pump goes to $30.01!

© NoshawnSmith / Reddit  

6. After a renovation...

© Istorii.ru / Pikabu  

7. If anyone asks why you don’t vacuum...

© WhyAmIHereSir / Reddit  

8. “My wife was supposed to come up with the fanciest way to prepare a hot dog.”

© r00__ 14 / Reddit 

9. “You shouldn’t carry around so many books!”

© zucclivan / Reddit  

10. I thought growing a beard would keep me warm!

© saintnicklaus90 / Reddit 

11. My school’s cafeteria decided to switch to cone-shaped paper cups... Now we have to hold our cup while we eat!

© blackkrptonite / Reddit  

12. They’re probably really cold, but you’ll have to wait a little while...

© kd9dux / Reddit  

13. When you almost win a million dollars!

© youyouxue / Reddit 

14. These officers look thrilled at the idea of ??patrolling in an electric car.

© funt007 / Pikabu  

15. Check your pockets before doing laundry. Did you know coins can break?

© PetrovaDunya / Pikabu  

16. She’ll only remember half the lesson.

© BorkinBandit / Imgur