16 photos that will drive perfectionists crazy!

Perfection may exist, but it's hard to find and if you're a fussy person then you'll probably spend most of your days gritting your teeth or trying to right the wrongs that you see around you.

But, being fussy is one thing... Being a perfectionist is another and no matter how hard we try, the tiniest lack of order can drive us completely crazy!

So, if you're a total perfectionist be warned, the following selection could set off your OCD!

1. The curse of sticky tape

© SpacemanSpiff958/reddit  

2. Even used toilet rolls should be perfectly cut

© fooyoh  

3. Would you take this cooker back to the store for a refund?

© MaxwellEdison210/reddit  

4. Blocked staples... Grrr!

© Stupid_Genious/reddit  

5. The problem with economy class and long legs

© Exodus528/reddit  

6. This is so frustrating

© CactusCait/reddit  

7. When someone can't be bothered to walk across the parking lot....

© Qazatron/pikabu  

8. There is such a thing as 'too much plastic'!

© Woody1992/reddit  

9. Could you sit in this room without moving the tables around?

© xxriz3gxx/reddit  

10. They only had one job

© Jedijupiter/reddit  

11. Why not just put it in the fridge for a while?

© bengiannis/reddit  

12. When the dust settles...

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13. Some people just don't care

© DevinAlMighty/reddit

14. Ever heard of a pizza cutter?

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15. Seriously?

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16. The last piece of the puzzle...

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