16 photos that sum up the word 'coincidence'

What are the chances of winning the lottery twice or looking out of your window to see three identical cars parked across the street? How many times have you turned up at a party to find you're wearing exactly the same outfit as someone else?

Life is full of coincidences, but some are far more surprising than others as this selection of photos goes to prove!  What about you?  Do coincidences often occur in your life - feel free to share your stories and snaps!

1. 3 identical cars parked next to each other on the same street

© mo0_mo0/reddit  

2. Maxi and mini versions!

© maytheforrestbewithu/reddit  

3. 3 identical greeting cards received from 3 different people

© LeftoverWig/reddit  

4. "My girlfriend and her sister gave their mom the same bouquet presented in the same vase!"

© Hard__Charger/reddit  

5. A beanie that perfectly matches her eyebrows

© DA-MUEL_DA-6th/reddit  

6. When you win a lottery twice in the same year!

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7. Socks that blend into a rug

© sliquified/reddit

8. A perfectly placed YouTube ad!

© JADE-SODA/reddit  

9. Two strangers watching the same show

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10.  "I found the first glove in a parking lot and the second in another one later that day"

© goat_chortle/reddit  

11. When your car wheels match those on a trash container

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12. Matching coffee and mug!

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13. When two co-workers turn up with exactly the same lunch!

© dontbthatguy/reddit

14. A frying pan to match a kitchen work surface

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15. When lights replace eyes

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16. 4 identical cars parked in front of a supermarket

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