16 photos that show true happiness

Happiness is a feeling that is too often absent from our daily lives. And yet there’s nothing like sharing a real moment of happiness. There’s pure joy that results in smiles and laughter most of the time.

On the inside, we feel powerful and invincible. A single desire comes to mind: making this magical moment last forever and living it again and again as often as possible. Some of us live for this purpose alone. We all aspire to be happy. Just like the people below, who will make you smile with their contagious happiness.

1. A little boy and his best friend, the cat…

© clumsychick / Reddit  

2. There's nothing better than shopping for dresses with your dad.

© blatzphemy / Reddit  

3. There is no age limit on happiness!

© Adam_Rennie / Reddit  

4. A guitar, a voice, and the simple joy of playing for others = generosity.

© XenithSkylord / Reddit

5. Happiness comes in many forms...

© dezrteagle / Reddit  

6. When you buy your first house!

© WerkQueen / Reddit  

7. The happiness of having people over for the evening…

© bbbbizza / Reddit  

8. This lady ran her first marathon after fighting a serious illness.

© DonDontheBird / Reddit  

9. He’ll be happy if she just says yes...

© radicalplacement / Reddit  

10. It doesn’t matter if no one likes it, my goal was to finish my first painting!

© Darth_Helcaraxe / Reddit  

11. This woman with chronic anxiety and depression found happiness at the zoo.

© LadyAllondra / Reddit  

12. “Mom, do you want some? I’ll share!”

13. A little surprise on his mom’s birthday! He pretended to be a hitchhiker…

© eiyagi / Reddit  

14. Enjoy this moment of happiness... in 2 nights, you might change your mind!

© TheMoxiestFox / Reddit  

15. Not sure it's such a good idea to be this close to a polar bear.

© freya_cole / Twitter  

16. After getting back into running, she just finished her first race!

© toriadenofrio / Reddit