16 photos that show kids at their creative best

Did you have a carefree childhood and often wish you still had that happy-go-lucky life? As parents we relish every moment with our kids, even if that means laying down the law, ensuring they get a good education and nursing them when they're ill.

Kids are also entertaining and have a way of looking at the world that can leave us in stitches as we wonder what's going on in their little minds! Growing up also means making mistakes or having to find a creative solution to a problem, often with hilarious results. Just check out the following selection of kids at their creative best!

1. She fancied going on a diving vacation

© NickTooSwaggy / Twitter  

2. Her Halloween costume

© PlanetoftheAtheists / Reddit  

3. Because he wants to be a Power Ranger?

© traskrogers / Reddit  

4. Not easy doing two things at once!

© Lady_of_Shadows / Reddit  

5. A lovely birthday gift from his sister

© 341913 / Reddit 

6. The art of cheating...

© _clairityy / Reddit  

7. Just don't forget the puppy!

© vonwaffle / Reddit  

8. After having a nightmare, she made these to protect her room

© mumami / Reddit  

9. What's the best gift for Banana Man?

© KAP1020 / Reddit  

10. Clever and quick!

© hexa96 / Reddit  

11. Alternative way of thinking

© SecilleF / Reddit  

12. When your doll is annoying you

© savage_irony / Reddit  

13. Nothing worse than crying kids

© smunozmo / Reddit  

14. Plus the snow must be fresh powder

© debloons / Reddit 

15. When your little brother eats all the nuggets

© Chancenit / Reddit  

16. Deepest condolences

© Seismic_Wave_