16 photos of life’s most beautiful moments

It’s not difficult to do a good deed. A simple gesture, like an outstretched hand or a smile, is enough to make you happy and bring your joy back.

In their own way, the people below decided to bring a little cheerfulness to a world that’s too often full of sadness or gloominess (and we don’t mean the weather). When you see these pictures, we bet there will be a smile on your face!

1. The staff at this Colorado animal shelter is posing with all the empty cages, because all the dogs have been adopted!

© lomnafsk / Reddit  

2. This little girl realizes that the call from her dad, who was on deployment in Nepal, is actually coming from inside her house!

© natsdorf / Reddit  

3. When you get a gift you totally weren’t expecting!

© miapensa / Reddit  

4. This goose didn’t hesitate to warm up a little lost puppy!

© AsyaSneg / Pikabu  

5. When you find your wedding ring that has been lost for 15 years!

© wiz9macmm / Reddit  

6. Is there anything more beautiful than this video?

© Sweetpipe / Reddit  

7. A simple but very important gesture!

© ScytherDOTA / Reddit  

8. Every Tuesday, this little boy waits for his buddies to arrive…

© GoopHugger / Reddit  

9. This gym teacher had some old sneakers, and his students chipped in to buy new ones!

© adammess21 / Reddit 

10. Tom Hanks went out to dinner, and then he paid everyone’s check before taking some pictures!

© marsianin178 / Pikabu  

11. “My brother creates Harry Potter wands for his students, who can buy them with fake money they earn by doing jobs around the classroom.”

© notesunderground / Reddit  

12. She donated blood and was rewarded with some free food!

© Waddupp / Reddit 

13. He built a special snow fort to bring joy to this disabled child.

© danthoms / Reddit  

14. The mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, takes the phone from his neighbor who was having a job interview, just to put in a good word.

© OverallSherbet / Reddit  

15. These grandmas are the bridesmaids in a wedding!

© hootersbutwithcats / Reddit  

16. This man just wants his dog to be warm.

© VLStetson / Pikabu