16 people who were faced with something weird and they can’t forget it

Sometimes in life, things seem out of place. You don’t believe that? You just have to go out in the streets, into the city, or to other parts of the country. You will probably see some things as strange as they are rare.

If you still aren’t convinced by our statements, we advise you to check out the photos below.

1. This is a big kids’ playground, right?

© wetluga / pikabu  

2. When you’re so full, you can’t finish your dinner.

© unknow user/ imgur  

3. A long-haired Dalmatian

© renee484 / reddit  

4. A magical shot!

© dickfromaccounting / reddit 

5. Some people have little owls on a keychain, others have real ones in their barn.

© FluffSociety / twitter  

6. He found a bullet stuck in a tree when he milled it.

© b0ffin / reddit 

7. Spring, autumn, and winter in one photo

© Prostoilogin / pikabu  

8. A double banana is quite rare indeed

© unknow user/ imgur  

9. A baby carriage lane

© MamaLada / pikabu  

10. When it’s so cold and windy that water turns to snow instantly…

© cyan1618 / reddit  

11. When playing rock-paper-scissors, you should know that scissors can beat rock.

© KupilPrado / pikabu  

12. When you play Sims but forget to rotate…

© orangejuice1234 / reddit  

13. What in the world is this child playing?

© kortes83 / pikabu 

14. Wait until the end before you assume it’s an aerial shot...

© vicky436 / reddit  

15. When you’re having a life-threatening emergency, but you also need to stop by the ATM.

© BlaK_HawK / reddit  

16. The way the sunlight hits this doorknob

© SmellyGoat11 / reddit