16 people who took resourcefulness to a whole new level

Human beings are constantly reworking old ideas or inventing new ones. Every day revolutionary gadgets hit the stores. Some are useful, others seem to be a waste of money. But what if we want to solve a problem by ourselves? There are plenty of people who believe they're life hack heroes...

And if they don't immediately find a solution, they'll keep on trying, even if the end result leaves something to be desired - often with hilarious consquences!

1. A very squeaky bumper!

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2. When you want to eat cereal at work

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3. When you lose the lead!

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4. When you want to be closer to the action

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5. You'll need really good abs to do this for hours!

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6. DIY fork!

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7. Who said CD's were just for playing music?

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8. The best way to spit out seeds

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9. You've seen the fork, now here's the spoon!

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10. No toaster? No problem!

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11. Hilarious!

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12. Fill several watering cans in one go!

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13. Keep your bagel fresh!

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14. For those lazy, stay in bed days!

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15. When you can't be bothered to stand

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16. So you can still clock watch at work!

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