16 people who see things around them through a different lens

We all perceive things differently and/or have particular habits that may seem weird to others... It's this individuality that makes our world so interesting!

Here are 16 people who see the things around them through a different lens and we're sure you'll find some of these as surprising as we do!

1. “My boyfriend has his own idea of how to correctly use duct tape.”

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2. Beam me up...

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3. Even fearsome warriors enjoy playing with yo-yo's

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4. “My daughter said that this bottle opener looks like a parrot.”

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5. How to turn a dirty truck into a work of art

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6. One way to keep yourself entertained during a long train journey

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7. When you love using chopsticks

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8. For when you can't decide if you want a burger or a slice of pizza

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9. We love his sense of humor!

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10. For the boat-lovers among you

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11. A wrench feeds its young

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12. Spiderman fashions have hit the high street!

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13. Hilarious 'vandalism'

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14. Eating his miniature self...

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15. Getting ready to show off his tricks

16. An edible biro?

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