16 people who saw something they didn’t expect

Life isn’t dull, contrary to what we might think. We think that every day is the same and there are never any surprises anymore. Think again, they happen when you least expect them.

The people below were just having a normal day until something unexpected happened... These are people who will never say that the unexpected doesn’t exist.

1. When you realize that Angela Merkel is on your plane!

© AGUSAGUERO20 / Twitter  

2. Is it kitchen knives or not?

© djengala / Reddit  

3. A woman took her cat skiing!

© Ullya / Reddit  

4. Check out the size of this carrot in Japan!

© MarshyMiao / Reddit  

5. It will take you about a year to read them all!

© InsertSomehtinEedgy / Reddit  

6. Be careful getting into the bathtub without a robe or towel!

© megfaithash / Reddit  

7. The view is great, although a bit intrusive!

© Carl-Jim / Reddit  

8. Some people celebrate their divorce as much as their wedding day.

© xDGx / Reddit  

9. What a waste of paper to just say that...

© Ghost_Hand0 / Reddit 

10. Apparently, someone took the emergency phone and didn’t put it back...

© hannahlund / Reddit 

11. Maybe her eyes were covered when she dressed her child this morning...

© Musal / Imgur  

12. They’re all members of the same family!

© KupilPrado / Pikabu  

13. Well, we'll have the Canadian breakfast since it's free!

© algoritham / Imgur  

14. A secret toilet in the doctor’s office…

© 357d / Reddit  

15. When you realize your blouse is made from the same material as the tablecloth…

© MisterDouglasReynholm / Imgur  

16. And when you see that your roof console has come unattached…

© ShinigamiDady / Reddit