16 people who live in their own world

Every human being is different. And some are more different than others. Sure, there are people who ignore the world around them and live by their own rules. It’s more like they live in their own bubble; it’s their world.

Do they live in a parallel universe? That’s a fair question. You could say that about all the people in the photos below.

1. This guy decided to get a tan on the support beams of the Tower Bridge.

© maruchanboy / Reddit  

2. “A guy at my wife’s work thinks this is a cactus... It's actually a pickle that has been replaced every other day for the last 2 weeks!”

© Starskins / Reddit  

3. Because we can’t be connected enough today...

© Unknown / Imgur  

4. When your thesis is your baby…

© sarahwcurtis / Twitter  

5. It’s against the law for this taxi driver to wear shorts... so he wears a skirt!

© yudoit / Reddit  

6. So birds are drones created by the government to spy on us? It’s a fascinating conspiracy theory!

© Huntzerlindd / Reddit  

7. Try entering this line of code on your computer, and maybe it will produce a baby!

© coolidiot2000 / Reddit  

8. 2 + 2? That’s some pretty complex math...

© abdulcart321 / Reddit  

9. In another world, blue is actually red.

© Vriess / Reddit  

10. What’s he looking at?

© Matisshere / Reddit 

11. When you want to test it out in real conditions…

© Unknown / Imgur  

12. “In my world, bowing is a sign of respect.”

© Pronay7 / Reddit  

13. Well that's one way to weaken your superhero enemy…

© SashaStrike / Reddit  

14. When you have a gift, use it wisely.

© matteocrayo / Reddit  

15. Some people aren’t quite ready to join the 21st century.

© theonly1ne / Reddit  

16. “Yay! I earned my degree. Now I’ll throw it in the air!”

© MalissaRasmussen / Reddit