16 people who had an unfortunate stroke of bad luck

We may think we're the luckiest person in the world when all of a sudden disaster strikes or we find ourselves having the day from Hell...

We're not talking about life-threatening situations and there's always someone worse off than us, but even so, sometimes life's glitches can be really annoying. The best thing we can do?  Ride it out and remind ourselves that tomorrow's another day!

So if you're feeling down on your luck, rest assured that you're not alone as these photos prove!

1. When you're bald, but still win a best hair award

© joewon99/twitter  

2. Total marketing fail

© YetiPie / reddit  

3. Now what?

© basstard8 / reddit  

4. How the Hell is he going to land?

© Kzero01 / reddit  

5. What a waste!

© republicofben / reddit  

6. At least they won't need a key from now on...

© Gregbot3000 / reddit 

7. A very cruel prank!

© Ilikeredd1t / reddit 

8. Yep, we know the feeling...

© HanneCat / reddit  

9. Ice cream vs knife

© monica_744 / reddit  

10. The downside of touch screens

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11. This guy is so fired!

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12. Free pizza!

© Satirical-Intent / reddit  

13. Enough to drive your kids crazy

© JettStorm / reddit  

14. Oh no!

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15. When doors don't serve a purpose

© harpreetverm / reddit 

16. Imagine having to mop up this mess!

© snahtanoj / reddit