16 people who decided to have some winter fun

It may be freezing cold, but that doesn't mean winter isn't fun, particularly when snow's involved. Don't believe us? Well, getting outside beats spending every waking moment glued to a radiator. It make take a moment to warm up, but with a little creative input, days in the snow can be hilariously funny.

Plus it's often something the whole family loves to enjoy. Just check out the photos below and next time you wake up to a blanket of snow, look on the sunny side despite the sub-zero temperatures!

1. When you see snow for the first time!

© little_houses / Reddit  

2. So why shouldn't a snowman become your new mailbox?

© majlem / Reddit  

3. It's not easy dating the Invisible Man

© polinadrot / Instagram  

4. Maybe they're sitting on hot water bottles?

© mccarthybergeron / Reddit  

5. Settled down in front of the fire

6. Who said aliens don't exist?

© Quincynessig / Reddit  

7. Would you curl up on this couch?

© LDugdale / Reddit  

8. Show off your artistic talents!

© Joelsfallon / Reddit  

9. We'd like to see how far he gets on this horse

© Xnipek / Reddit  

10. A very long meeting... Where no one talks

11. Hey you!

© thumbs0 / Reddit  

12. A good night's sleep?

© JimmyNice / Reddit  

13. Just a snow bunny climbing a wall

© filipha / Reddit  

14. Revise some math before going to school

© jacksentz / Reddit  

15. The only sharks that don't scare us

© psuedon / Imgur  

16. Ever seen a frozen Poseidon?

© devonhains / Instagram