16 once in a liftetime coincidences and situations

How many times have you been freaked out by a coincidence? Have you ever wondered if something else is at work?

The great thing about smartphones and social networks is that we can now snap and share the strange things we see as we go about our daily lives! Just like the once in a lifetime situations below...

1. A future husband and wife - one posing in the USA, and, on the right, one posing in Korea - check out their vests!

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2. When a sticker is identical to the guy sitting next to you

© mrevanbc/reddit  

3. Matching sneakers and socks

© __Salutations__/reddit  

4. When planes cross

© Zerglinghunter/reddit  

5. When a reflection looks like a ghost

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6. Imagine the chances of this happening

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7. When you throw away a spoon and this happens

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8. Party hat?

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9. When you realize you're holding the same wine glass as Rachel in Friends !

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10. And you also own the same soft toy!

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11. This TV bugged and superimposed two channels, giving San Francisco a snowy mountain backdrop

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12. He doesn't look too thrilled....

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13. When a lookalike ruins your photo of Rio's Christ the Redeemer!

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14. The perfect sandwich

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15. Near-perfect alignment

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16. Blending into your surroundings

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