16 odd things that you may find or see in a US supermarket

Costco, in the United States, is the kind of store where you can pretty much find everything – it’s a hypermarket that sells a lot more than just groceries! You'll find some strange stuff and some even stranger patrons browsing its shelves.

A lot of people swear by Costco when it comes to their daily or weekly shop, so for those of us who live in other countries, here's a sneak peak at what you may find or see in this hypermarket's aisles!

1. Liquor from a faucet!

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2. A Costco worker trying to trap a pigeon

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3. Because Costco has its own solution!

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4. Very clever marketing!

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5. You go in for some milk and end up filling up your car

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6. Easy rider!

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7. Even ponies are welcome at Cotsco!

8. Giant wineglasses...

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9. Winter clothes in the middle of summer

100° F = 37.7° C

10. Comfy chairs where your kids can wait while you shop

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11. Don't bother with shopping lists - you'll still buy more than you planned!

12. Places where your giant teddy can take a nap...

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13. Leave your kid in front of a TV and shop in peace!

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14. This doesn't just happen in Costco!

15. No, it's not what you think...

16. Costco food loves to be cherished like a child...

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