16 little-known blockbuster movie facts

Some people watch movies over and over again in their quest to find inconsistencies, while others love keeping up to date with movie trivia... From continuity fails, off-set antics to scouring the scenery or credits, you be amazed at what eagle-eyed viewers or fans discover!

Here are 16 little-known blockbuster movie facts and details that people have shared across the net. What about you? Did you know about any of these and do you have any others that you'd like to add to the list?  Share your comments with us below! 

1. In Back to the Future, the shopping mall name changes when Marty drives between 2 trees.


2. Christopher Nolan had 200ha of corn planted for the filming of Interstellar and once filming wrapped, he sold the crop in order to increase the movie's profits.


3. The title on the 20th anniversary DVD edition of the The Princess Bride can be read the right way up or upside down!


4. In Pulp Fiction, the 'Coffee Shop' character is credited  - he was played by Robert Ruth !


5. In Spiderman 2, Peter Parker jumps from a building and lands on a Ford Focus, but without leaving a single dent behind! Maybe he was as light as a spider?! 


6. In Fargo (1996), Carl (played by Steve Buscemi) tells Jerry that in 30 minutes' they'll "wrap this thing up".  If you time the remainder of the film, you'll realize that it ended exactly 30 minutes later! 


7. In Cars, all of the canyons are car or hood ornament-shaped!


8. In Home Alone, Kevin rifles through Buzz's stuff and finds a photo of his girlfriend. The director, however, didn't want to cast a child model in case Kevin's reaction upset her, so he asked the movie's Artistic Director if he could use his son dressed up as a girl!


9. Django Unchained was a remake of 1966's Django. When Django arrives in the bar, Amerigo Vassepi asks him to spell out his name. Jamie Foxx replies by saying the 'D' is silent to which the Vassepi replies "I know".  Why so interesting?  Because Vassepi was played by Franco Nero, who played Django in the 1966 version! 


10. Did you spot this? In Batman Returns, the shadow from Selena Kyle's glasses hints at her future transformation!


11. In Moana, one of the Kakamora looks uncannily like Baymax from Big Hero 6


12. In The Matrix, the directors couldn't hide the reflection of the camera on a door handle, so they decided to dress the camera up in a tie, coat and mask to make us think it was Morpheus !


13. In Up!, the town gets bigger as the years go by! 


14. Some time after filming the swimming pool scene in Poltergeist, Jobeth Williams learnt that some of the skeletons were real! Why? Because it was cheaper to buy real skeletons than pay for rubber ones to be made! Eek!


15. Check out how many devices have been updated in the movie Zootopia vs the original comic strip!


16. Dyson managed to get one of their hand dryers onto the Starship Enterprise for 2009's Star Trek?