16 of life's really annoying situations

They're not life-threatening, but when it comes to being annoying they're off the scale... We all know them - those irritating everyday situations that bug us even though they're through no fault of our own!

Finding 'Do Not Bend' envelopes folded in half, ordering an item online only to receive something that doesn't remotely match the description...

So in support of anyone who is currently gritting their teeth, here are 16 really annoying situations that are touring social networks!

1. 'Do Not Bend'...

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2. An elevator that only carries 1 1/2 people

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3. One reason why stove top kettles are best!

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4. Because ordering a number '2' was too hard?

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5. When restaurant workers can't be bothered to empty the sachets

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6. Never store your headphones and your kid's Slinky in the same drawer

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7. This is why pizza savers were invented!

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8. Seriously?  They dried their keyboard in the oven?

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9. Food dispenser anarchy!

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10. Just respect the road markings!

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11. This is so irritating!

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12. Extreme repairs

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13. Ditto for spoons and soup!

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13. Words fail us...

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14. Would you trust this doctor?

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15. Hands up if you'd be tempted to cut off her ponytail!

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16. When your butter dish is almost, but not quite big enough

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