16 heart-warming and tender moments captured on camera

Love knows no bounds, as the saying goes, and despite life's ups and downs, we have to admit that if we look around us, we'll see things that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Whether it's unconditional love or a mutual respect, when we see people act tenderly towards each other it restores our faith in humanity and reminds us that kindness pays off.  So if you're feeling a bit cynical about life, take a look at these heart-warming and tender moments that were captured on camera and shared across social networks.  Even if these can't right the wrongs in our lives, they're a timely reminder that love, not money, makes the world go round!

1. The eternal bond between identical twins

© krnjesse / Twitter  

2. When a couple and their dog all curl up together

© morguemami / Twitter  

3. Lizards enjoying some 'private time'

© animalIife / Twitter  

4. Meet Khaleesi and Django, two adorable dogs that are clearly crazy for each other!

© dog_rates / Twitter  

5. A couple saying their last goodbye before one goes off on a trip

© exonero / Reddit 

6. When you love your pooch... This is Argos who has to spend his days and nights breathing from an oxygen tank

© dog_rates / Twitter  

7. This student takes his dog to college every day and his beloved pet will quietly sit on the desk until the lesson's over

© freyduhhh / Twitter  

8. One smiling cat!

© sedmikrsky / Twitter  

9. There's nothing like a mother's love

© albino_oompa_loompa / Reddit  

10. This Starbucks worker sat down for 15 minutes in order to show an elderly patron how to use her new cell phone

© charlietumbleweed / Reddit  

11. When a store owner lets kittens cool down on the freezer

© Debtus_Suvlakus / Reddit  

12. This caring steward on a Norwegian Airlines flight helped a mom to calm down her 2 year-old son

© ILikeALTFacts / Reddit  

13. It was prom night and this young man approached a truck driver as he needed help doing up his tie

© BackTheCops / Twitter  

14. When your pooch uses his wheelchair to carry your wedding rings down the aisle 

© caiine / Reddit 

15. BBF... When a 1 year-old baby and a 14 year-old cat show their love for each other

© mgrave22 / Reddit  

16. That's one jealous cat!

© u/nanatalada / reddit